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Messages as a Seller vs Buyer

I am a little frustrated: I had a 100% response rate as I always always respond to buyers, even if they’re spam or inconsiderate: that is my job.

Yesterday however, I posted a BR (my mistake!) requesting some graphics work to be done, and I, predictably, was piled upon by level 0 sellers who quite obviously hadn’t read or understood my request. I didn’t reply to these, because I had orders to get on with, and now my response rate is down.

I can only accept it, and it’s okay: it’s only 89%, so I’ll get it up above 90 again before my next evaluation, but it’s frustrating that there’s no way to keep buying and selling inboxes separate.

Additionally there’s the amusing situation that many responded to my eventual messages, and now I have to respond again…and so forth! Anyone know how I could have avoided this? Olivia


Sorry that this happened to you. Posting BR in the graphic design section is a nightmare. Yesterday I went to the BR section, I have not done that in months, and when I see logo requests with 150-300 offers, imagine if that person is a seller too… Response rate goes to negative.

Of course, you do not want to hear “You should not post BR in GD”, but you could, although it doesn’t seem nice, place in your BR “If you send messages or offer without being qualified for the task or reading the task I will report you as spam an ban you”. Yes, it is harsh, but you are not some buyer who doesn’t know the situation on Fiverr so maybe that would remove some of the sellers from contacting you.

Regarding sellers that send you messages/offers and it is clear to you they did not read your request, respond:

"Hello, thank you for contacting me. Your message/offer indicates you did not read or understood my request fully so I am not at this moment willing to work with you.

Thank you and have a happy new year"

Click send then block him.

And now I am going to look for your BR just to see what is it :smiley:

Look, by this evening it is going to be double:

This is not you?


Haha, no that’s not me! I’ve taken it down now :slight_smile:

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When someone inboxes you, you only need to respond to that once. The continuous conversation or rating isn’t determined by you only having the last word or response.