Messages being erroneously blocked


I have a zombie short story gig. For some reason, often my messages get flagged for review, or my buyer’s messages get flagged for review. This makes it difficult for us to work together, particularly since “we’re not allowed to contact each other off Fiverr”. I’m guessing it’s certain choice of words in the zombie 'verse. The workaround is to put the message in a Word document.


When you use a word or symbol that may be flagged, the message box is outlined in red to give you a chance to change it. You have to be careful (sometimes to a nutty degree) and not use words or symbols like @, pay, money, email, etc. If the message does get flagged, it’s not erroneous or a bug, it’s functioning as Fiverr intended.

It is certainly possible words used in a short story could cause flags. Orders should never be delivered inside a message, though. Even if you are delivering a very short item like a story title, deliveries should always be made in attachments. Good luck.


This has been going mad for me lately. I can’t tell if Fiverr is extra closely monitoring my account, or if they’ve changed their settings, or it’s a string of bad luck.

I am aware of the rules and not communicating off Fiverr. Haven’t tried. It’s picking up messages that are seemingly innocent.

And it’s not the ones where the box outlines in red because you use something obvious like an @ symbol or talk about payments. I am simply communicating regarding projects, and my message gets flagged for review within 24 hours! NOT COOL! Especially when you’re working with an express gig.

I can usually re-write the message than then it will go through, but this is extremely annoying. Interfering with my ability to do business in a timely manner. At least when the box turns red you know it’s an issue. This gives you no warning until you send the message.


@joelnorth I would suggest you submit a Customer Support ticket if you are getting messages about reviewed items when you aren’t writing anything that should be flagged. That isn’t normal behavior and it isn’t side wide, so it might be something they need to check for you.


Me too! I just placed a $65 order with a seller on here. I’m so mad. If I wasn’t a seller too, I’d be gone.