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Messages being marked as spam automatically by Fiverr before I even see them?

I’ve had this happen a few times now. I go to read a new message and it’s marked as spam?? I haven’t even opened or read the message yet and somehow it got marked as such. Wondering if this is happening to anyone else??

*I’m not talking about Fiverr banning users or inactive accounts, I’m talking about getting a message, and before I get to it, somehow is marked as spam when I go to read the message.


Yes, I see this as well.
This is probably because they have violated some rules.
I got a message in the same situation and then I unmarked it as spam and replied to it.
Later I received a message from another account referencing the last message from the marked account. I refused to work with them.

So maybe fiverr is just protecting us.

You’re not alone with this problem :slight_smile:
This happens because some user violates some Fiverr rule OR other users report him/her several times and Fiverr procedures (automatically?!?) mark his messages as SPAM.

Naturally this is done to prevent frauds and we should be happy about this; but, honestly, some message doesn’t really seem SPAM, so you can hit the unspam request link and then answer the user so your response rate is safe :slight_smile:

Note that sometimes I suppose some user gets blocked not for the message you received but for other messages sent around OR from other accounts related to him/her.

In the end: for us it’s easy to unspam and answer, but my advice is always be careful: if Fiverr blocked a message there’s always a pretty good reason!

I have same issue :frowning:

It is pretty frustrating when it happens.

It happened to me once as a buyer when I copy/pasted the same message to around ten different logo designers. My account was prevented from sending messages, replying to messages, as well as even delivering gigs for around 24 hours.

Customer support thankfully removed it, but it goes to show that the automated system employed by fiverr doesn’t always work.

Reply to @kay2809: Good heads up! I trust Fiverr’s suggestion in this case…:slight_smile:

Reply to @mark74: That’s what I did and replied but now kinda wish I haven’t…lol. Just in case. I would trust Fiverr’s instincts and reasons so if it comes up like that again, I will probably just unspam, reply, and mark as spam again…lol

Reply to @dtongsports: ahahahah, that’s tricky mate :slight_smile: