Messages bug


Hello, i had some client who sent me a message Friday, we were communicating just fine, then i went checking some things on my profile, and saw that little point next to the message icon telling me i got a new message, when i checked i found none, and no email notification, no nothing, but i knew i received something since my client was on…Fast forward to today, i log on, and there’s the message from Friday finally showing…

This is the first time it happened to me, and i could be losing clients because of this, so please fix it and don’t let it happen again, thank you.

ashlena said: there's the message from Friday finally showing...

This has happened to me before a couple of times. Both of them, when I finally got the message, it contained forbidden words. That’s why I think that this happens when the system blocks the message, and after a few hours (it might get a human review) it’s released and you get it.