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Messages declared as spam counted in the rate


Despite reporting, blocking and numerous previous conversations in requests where I asked and warned CS about receiving spam messages, they were counted and led to an 80% rate.

This must be because for the past requests I sent, I am only receiving pasted messages from CS. The content of their answer shows they don’t even read the request. The same happened today, must be the third request in a row, when I receive a general message about “what I should do to report spam” (something I have done many requests ago, in March, and clearly mentioned with reference number in the current request and I was assured in writing that my rate will not be affected by those, yet they were included in it).

Please remedy this situation and calculate the rate without the reported spam coming from a blocked user (not to mention the block button is not working, after blocking the user, they kept sending more messages, which led to this situation).

And kindly stop sending pasted, general answers to requests! Read the request and the quotes and the provided documents and answer point by point! I have been a top seller here for 3 years. This has never happened before. And this is definitely not something encouraging us to have a business here.


I’m not sure what the difference is but I don’t have this problem.

I answer spam messages and unblock them if I need to to answer them the first time.
Sometimes I get a spam message that already has been blocked and I can’t unblock it but so far it has not counted against my response rate.


Hi Misscrystal, thank you for answering. This is just about one client. The client was blocked, but messages from the client kept coming. I reported this in real time and received this assurance:

"Brenda March 28, 2018 02:19
Hi there,

Thank you for following up with us. Once you reported the issue, you do not have to communicate with the buyer because it will not affect your Response Rate. We took action on our end, so please keep us informed if the buyer is still contacting you."

Yet the 20 something messages (after reporting and blocking) sent by this client that I didn’t answer to, as per Brenda’s recommendation, were counted in the rate.


I have had this happen also but since I answered it the first message the rest were not counted. I see what you mean, your’s must have a bug. Sorry this is happening to you!


I had the same problem as the OP.
The bad thing is, fiverr automatically blocked the spammers, therefore I couldn’t reply back before blocking them.
Still, those messages were counted and my response rate has been reduced to 98%.
Not a big deal but it’s clearly a bug.


I am sorry to hear, power design.