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Good grief. I have been getting a ton of messages from randoms trying to dupe me into letting them use my freelancing accounts for a “significant amount of money per month” which really equates to a couple of hundred dollars a month. Does this actually work on people? It’s like the email chainmails but for Fiverr. Lol :joy:

Has anyone had any similar experiences?

P.S. I’ve already reported the “users.”


Please remove the name of the country in your post. It is against Forum Rules to call out a country or person.

The best we can do is report them and hope they soon will lose their account.

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Hi Vickie! Thanks for the advice. I’ll get right on that.

I forget some are too young to remember the chainmail spams we used to get “back in the day.”

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A lot of people.

Not just accounts, they want access to your computer, too! And expect you to hand it over to them, just because they said you could trust them. :rofl:


Hello there @kvasirvirtual, it’s spam, today received two of them and it is annoying. But just reply to them, like 'No I’m not interested, sorry" and block them. Best of luck!!

Warmly, Humberto



Just thought it was pretty amusing.


Scammers… Full of them brother. I often get requests from people . They just ask for work examples… they never hire