Messages from Sellers


I sent my original message to my seller with information he requested to start my gig. He replied with additional information he needs. I can only see part of his reply when I click on the thought bubble in the bar at the top of the site/page. I click ON the part of the message I can see in it and it takes me to the communication/message page but I don’t see his message there. It does not show in the message feed. Why not? It is not in my inbox either. Is this normal? I have only done one other job on Fiverr and I was able to see all the communication between myself and the seller on the message screen/page. Help please.


Thanks for responding. I have tried all of that. It does not show up in any of those places but still shows up when I click the thought bubble at the top in the bar. See attached.


Ahhh…thank you so much! It wasn’t there last night when I placed the order but showed up today. I sent the info to him last night. It is only my second time to use Fiverr. Thank you so much for enlightening me! :slight_smile: