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Messages from unknown Sellers

How can seller message a buyer if the buyer haven’t contacted before ?
I got lot of messages after posting my buyers request about a particular course but how did they do that? I also have a sellers account for editing but I don’t see the option to send text.


Simply like this:

You are free to report user or mark the message as spam in your inbox.


If you wonder how user(s) got your contact when posting BR, they inspect the HTML code and find your profile name in alt attribute assigned to profile image.


I see…but how exactly did they found my profile url from inspect ?


If you’re on mobile the buyer request section will tell you the username of the person who posted the request.


Didn’t know about the html.

Another way is (on desktop) after a seller responds to a BR, a seller can look at the BR’s they’ve sent. The buyers username is shown there. Then they can search the user on fiver or just type it into google along with ‘Fiverr’ and the profile will be on the first page of results.

It’s annoying as hell. On BR’s I now warn sellers not to do it, problem is the type that do this don’t often bother to even the read the whole request!

6 months on Fiver has made me old and grumpy so I report and block. Sellers like this should suffer the consequences IMO.


Did not think this through… how many more sellers are going to do this now they know how :thinking::man_facepalming:

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Its a very basic thing to search up names, almost every1 knows. I thought they did some stuffs like extract the url from page source. Glad to know its not the case.

Why does it matter or bother you how they do it? Is one way ok and the other not ok? I’m confused, but I often am on fiver!

None of this is ok, obviously. One is annoying that to what extend sellers could go. I’m new so I had no idea about Fiverr’s security system so

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actually, you can just mark the profile photo copy it, and you will get the user name of the buyer


That people can find a seller to contact is a very good thing. I want to be found and contacted by Buyers.

That people then abuse this system is not at all acceptable so if people spam you then straight-up report them. The fewer bad actors we have here the better for everyone. They will only go away when they realize they can get no wins from that strategy.



To sum it. If you are a seller or have added a service to sell, then other sellers and buyers can contact you because the option to contact you is added when you create a gig… If you are a buyer only and haven’t added a service to sell, then others won’t be able to contact you direct… Your profile name is available to the people who reply to your Br


still thinking :heart_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking: