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Messages in my inbox without anything written?


I’m wondering what it means when I have messages in my inbox that just say “…” and when I click on them it says “conversation with (username)” but no message. What am I to make of this? It is always marked as “read” and I began receiving these 2 days ago (I have 3 of these now). It isn’t really an issue, and I imagine the explanation has something to do with someone trying to send me spam / scamming me and fiverr staff deleted it before I could read it, but it bugs me… I’m curious.

Anyone know?


Hello Steven,

Maybe contact the customers support?

Surely they should be able to shine some light on this.


Thanks guys, will do. I assumed this happened to everyone! I guess not.


Usually this happens when the users sends something considered against the TOS like an email address etc .


Reply to @ozzieuk: Ahh okay, thanks! This makes sense. I figured it was something like that.


i get bugs and glitches like this every now and then. I have not considered talking with CS about this. But i think we should report/ask them about this