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Messages Label Feature - How do you use it?

Today i saw the new feature added - Message Labels.

You can select certain labels on each messages, Pick a certain color etc.

for example i use this feature to highlight “Good” & “Bad” Experience & “Quality” Buyer.

How do you benefit from it?

Yes that’s a good feature. You can mark the spammers or the regular customers.

This is awesome. I’m so super stoked. I’ll be using it to mark follow up’s, adding them to the todo list, labeling returning clients, I’m going to label everything! Sometimes I lose track of who I’m doing follow up quotes for as new messages come in (stars only work so well) so I need to go through past messages to find those buyers, big pain, but now it’ll be easy peasy.

I suppose the simple way to put it is, you can benefit from it however you would like. Being as you can add custom labels, you can mark your messages for any type of label.

Things such as “Returning Customer”, “Potential Order”, “Easy to Work with” etc. etc. is kind of the focus I am going to be going for along with things like “Waiting for response”.

Maybe even a few labels for “Hassle Buyer”, haha.

Should also be helpful for sorting out different users based on the type of gigs they generally order, too.

*update: After thinking it over, I went with “Potential Buyer”, “Returning Buyer”, and “Waiting on Buyer” as it keeps it simple and sweet. Those that are wasting my time apparently we can now delete the messages instead of simply just archiving them which is great news. I assume they’re just kept on their server still for records purposes, but I am just glad I don’t have to see them anymore. My archived messages were getting a bit full!