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Messages marked as Spam automatically unspammed?

Well, sellers are receiving sometimes so weird messages from buyers that the only thing that can be done is mark them as spam.

And also well, I still don´t know exactly what really happens if I mark one of these messages. Is this some kind of automated reporting, is customer service having an eye on that…?

The strange thing is, that more or less after 24 hours I have these messages again in my inbox, unspammed.

This also happens with „real bad messages“ including copyright infringements, broken Fiverr TOU several times, asking for contact outside of Fiverr, nasty insults, webpages with virus, highly criminal phishing websites that are cloned from the original etc.

My questions are:

Is this also happening to someone else?

And if so:

Why does this happen?

Cause one reason is for sure that I try to get rid off these people, the other is to participate at least a little bit in the protection of the community.

As it is like now it looks for me, that Fiverr unspamms these messages, and I feel really lost, I interpret that like a „we don´t care“ and these people can still do what they do…

Anybody any idea?

Yes. If you mark any messages as spam its will bring attention of customer service.

Yes every day I have the same spam appear in my inbox. I mark it as spam and the next day there it is again.

OK, so I am at least “not alone”…

Are you sure? Do you have some more information about that? Or do you just think that it is like you say?

No you are not alone, I’ve reported a buyer that was begging me for some work I’ve flagged the message as spam but the seller was still able to message me.

Yeah this feature is basically good for nothing, I can confirm that. :frowning:

Has anyone recieved something like this?

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I have recieved several mesages from different people with the same structure in the last days. :frowning:

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