Messages not being delivered


I bought a gig 2 days ago. My gig is supposed to be delivered today. I have sent some revisions but the messages are not getting to the seller. Does anyone know what I could do because the order is still incomplete but will automatically be marked completed today. Any advice will be highly appreciated


You need to click the button to request a modification. If you just send messages asking for revisions the seller isn’t forced to respond. Note that if the seller did not offer you free revisions they can ask you to pay for revision requests.


Hi, Thank you for the reply, I had requested for modification but it doest get delivered to the seller.

It seems to be a problem with fiver


Contact customer support quickly. :slight_smile:


I have never seen that happen. I’ve seen other glitches, but not a situation where the modification button didn’t work. Customer Support is your best option but I would also try clearing your cache/cookies//history or trying another browser. There haven’t been any other forum reports with a glitch like that.


Thanks. I will try another browser. I have had this problem for the last 2 gigs from different sellers but the messages are not going through