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Messages not getting sent

I’ve been in conversation with a potential buyer with back and forth messages. After a while when i moved to a different page, i saw my last message was not being sent so I sent it again.

Refreshed again and the last message is hidden again.

I got a reply back from him but i am unable to reply back as my message is disappearing. I tried in the app too


Just checked, 1st message being visible after a long delay, others yet to show up

This is happening to me as well!!! Highly frustrating!!!


Same Issue here when I send message and design to buyer’s its not showing


Yes, it started happening to me too. Also on my phone app as well.

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Same here. Nothing has been sent when I refresh.

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I am having the same issue.

I hope this get fixed soonest.


Just keep posting on this thread and notifying support, otherwise they won’t know.

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Same here. This happened a month ago too maybe. I can’t deliver files.

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The same situation here, I need to talk with the customer…

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My message from almost 10 minutes ago just went through. Now I look super unprofessional for sending so many messages thinking they weren’t getting sent! Blah. Such an annoying bug.

I messaged my buyer explaining the problem in the messaging system. Hopefully he is aware of it. His messages are being delivered to me 1 by 1

It’s happening with mee too. Messaging system doesn’t work.

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Keep posting here and messaging support if you haven’t already everyone

Same issue here.

Fiverr seems to be having a bunch of issues, as if you click the “?” icon in the bottom right-hand corner, you get the error: " Error 503 Maximum threads for service reached

Maximum threads for service reached

Guru Mediation:

Details: cache-bwi5123-BWI 1556044507 3753851060"

Appears to be fixed now.

Doesn’t seem to be okay for me yet

I am also facing the same problem😒

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Actually I spoke too soon. It seems the messages do get sent out, but there’s like a 10-minute delay currently…

It is happening with me. Please suggest me if you have any solution