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Messages not going through in Inbox

My messages are not going through in the inbox. And it’s a new customer. I hope my response rate won’t be affected…


I think it won’t be affected. Hope this problems will be fixed soon

I’m experiencing it too. I send messages and they don’t update.

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Also having this problem.

I’m having the same too and was surprised that no one had left any threads on it.

They have some scheduled maintained work so it may be due to this :slight_smile: they will resolve the issue soon

the same bug comes from time to time and been here for a while now, I think they are testing something new with the messaging system

Oh no not again. Fiverr is being so erroneous recently :grin:

the same thing is happening to me , I can’t answer a buyer , and also I noticed these last days I don’t get orders anymore like before , whats happening !!

This app really sucks

Also happens to me, I don’t know what is the issue, I hope they solve it as soon as possible

It should be fixed very soon.
I hope so.

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Yes me too. It’s broken again apparently.

Dear Dev, Please help. my order deadline is almost due.
And i need to send the preview and get buyers confirmation to proceed.

Same issue, not quite sure why

it’s fine now , I found out that i’ve sent the message five times to the buyer hhh

It is still not functioning properly for me

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