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Messages not going through

My messages aren’t going through and attachments aren’t working. Anyone else?


Everything was fine for me last night. :thinking:

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Same here , I try to send to my client file but it does not send

There seems to be some serious issue with the Fiverr backend. Delivery is taking a long time and files aren’t going through… only messages.

Same here…that’s a technical problem I think. Fiverr will fix this soon.

Glad to know it’s not just me!


Same here, messages and files aren’t going through. Anyone have any idea what’s going?

Are order deliveries going though?

There is some technical issue from the backend. For safety purpose, you can deliver your files and messages after an hour when they will fix this.

It’s taking a long time but the message in the delivery finally does show up. The files unfortunately are absent.

Same problem here…

And I just delivered an order, but I can’t see it…

It’ll pop up in a bit, maybe. Contact customer support nonetheless

A buyer is sending me messages again and again but I can’t even respond. This is gonna be harsh.

It appeared for me in a few minutes

Did the files go through?

Only the messages… The customer sent a file, I could not see, not is ok

However, still don’t see a file I delivered with the order :confused:

Each message seems to be going through like 20 minutes later

Hopefully this gets resolved soon.

Same case! Hope it’s gonna be fixed soon.
For the time being just send a message to your clients that fiverr is having issues. The messages are going through within 10mins or so!

The file with the delivery showed up the second time I re-delivered the order.

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Looks like it’s working fine now!