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Messages not going

I was communicating with a seller and my messages are disappearing. Anyone else facing this issue?


Yes. I am facing same issue my client messages me, fiverr shows me a notification message but when open it it show nothing

same here. Submit a ticket to CS hope they resolved it. THanks for the heads up.


Same here. Even the read/unread status, favourite/unfavourite doesn’t work.

SAME! This is really weird.

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I am so thankful for this forum. I keep contacting my CS advisor who must be sick of me but I keep finding strange glitches in the system which I’m super cautious about since Fiverr used to intermittently “block” me from the site every now and again!

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I’m seriously facing this problem of messages not sent to my buyers. Thought it was a network problem before but it wasn’t. I’m so frustrated right now. I have been sending the messages over and over again but still not appearing

something wrong with Fiverr I guess same thing happened to me right now

Same here. I can’t contact my buyers. Messages not sending

same here, hope they resolve the issue soon

Chiming in that I’m also having problems with messages. Its funny because my Buyer is seeing notifications with snippets of what I’m saying but he’s not receiving anything on inbox or order page. But he can read a snippet from the notification.

Contact customer support, my issue is resolved. Now I can send messages.

You can now send messages.