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Messages not sending or receiving


I just had a client who currently has an open order, message me (directly to my inbox, not connected to an order). He said that he has tried 3 times to message me (in the order chat), but the message won’t go through. I tried sending one back in the order chat, and when I hit submit, the page just reloaded without sending the message.

I just tried to message another client in an active order… and I had the same problem. With this client, I can see they are online, and I’m expecting a reply from them… but there has been none, so I’m afraid that they are having the same problem.

Any thoughts?

(Note: I have opened a ticket with CS, I just wanted to jump on here also)


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I have not that problem, let us know what CS respond to you or what’s the way you fixed that problem.


I also have the same problem. After clicking send button, the page reloads and message is not sent.


Hi, same problem here.
What should we do now?
I cannot send a message to my client.
They are not receiving my messages.


They said its an isolated case and its a problem on the buyer’s side.

However, now I can not message ANY of my clients. It seems they can message me… but I can not message them in response.

I’m opening another ticket.


I have this same problem too… it’s definitely not an isolated issue. Can you please provide an update when they give you an answer?


I’ve opened another ticket… Maybe everyone should also, so it pops up on their radar. It may get a deeper look and resolved faster. :slight_smile:


I saw this solution for another problem on the site, and it worked for me - click Ctrl +F5. It refreshes the page, and it fixed the issue for me.


Open a Tick with Customer Support. Link them to this forum also.


no luck with this idea


I have figured out that you can still send messages directly to their inbox, separate to the order chat. I have messaged them letting them know of the current situation, and hoping that CS fixes this ASAP! At least we can make contact with them through the inbox, and they are not left in the dark!

Next issue is hoping that this doesn’t affect response times



Yes at current there appears to be a bug in the messaging system, deliveries etc…

If everyone reports this directly to CS rather than on these forums maybe it will be resolved quicker.


you’re not losing money. its a current bug on the entire website, it’ll be resolved lol


Thank You So Much For Telling Me I Didn’t Know That I Feel A Lot Better Now So Thank You


No problem, it’s only temporary!



This issue is now RESOLVED for me.