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Messages & Orders Problems

Anyone experiencing issues with order and messages? I had conversations with clients and all the sudden all messages are gone, all the messages are gone from orders to!


Yes This is happens with me also.I

All the message are gone, No any buyer Request is showing.

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I was in the forum just to post that.
Even the fiverr android app is not working.

Happened all of a sudden.

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Same here. No messages, notifications or ability to see orders in the Dashboard.

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The site is down. Even dashboard, profile page, BR etc is not loading.

yes in fiverr App it’s showing as buyer only.


Yes, Getting same problem. Even not able to deliver the work.

I was chatting with my client and this is happen.

Yes same here!!! :worried::worried:

Yes, same problem here :frowning:

Yes same here!!! :worried::worried::tired_face:

Probably just a temporary bug while Fiverr is working on other things on the website… Don’t panic guys… You are not alone. All the messages will, hopefully, be back soon!

Yeah, the update they did sucks!

Same here.

Dashboard doesn’t work, buyer requests also, and inbox.
Same for the app.

And of course, now is reeeallyy not the time for this to be happening :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Same here. Where are you fiverr? what are you doing?

it’s back now fiverr working


Yeah, it’s my busiest time of the day here and I normally crank out my deliveries and respond to all my messages in the 3 hour window that I’ve been unable to do so…

Back and active now.

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Everything seems to be back in normal.

Still this was unpleasnt :confused: