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Messages sould be automatically saved as draft

I don’t know about any of you, but I always face this anoying situation and then I just want to break my PC lol.

I write an aswer to a potential (or existing) customer, then without completing writing the answer I do something else on my computer. And then (stupid me), when I return on fiverr tab of my browser I tottally forget I was about to send this answer and refresh my fiverr tab or click on another message. I just wasted my time trying to write an important message and I have to do it again.

The solution to forgetfulll and multitasking people like me would be an auto save feauture on chat. It is available when you deliver an order, so why not there too?


True, sometimes you take time to write a nice and personalised reply just to have to write it all over again.

Maybe messages are not saved in the order page to make sure that you are writing to the right person?
Sometimes when I have multiple orders I forget who I am dealing with. Having to rewrite a message ensures that I do not send a message or file to ther wrong person!

Why don’t you just finish writing the response, before going to do something else? Doing this would completely solve your problem. :wink:


This has happened to me sometimes. But now I try to use a saved notepad to write important long messages. Because sometimes I had to face some electricity failures in my area. So, try to use notepad or word (Don’t forget to save them to your PC) to write long messages. Your problem will okay then.