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Messages To Click On Their Link - WHATEVER!

Haha! I’m not that naive.

Sometimes I may be even be wrong, but just in case.

I’m pretty sure all Sellers get messages from Buyers posing to be interested in your gig, so click this link to see if you can fulfill (not exactly in those words)

Like whatever!

If you’re getting these too often, please know that it’s a way to get you to visit their site = increased traffic for them = misleading redirects.

I tell them professionally something along these lines:

Hi there - Thanks for reaching out.

Sorry, I don’t click on links.

Please read my gig details carefully… (blah blah blah).

I wish Fiverr can do something about these dubious accounts.


I get quite a few of these too, but the majority of them have actually led to sales from legitimate customers/site owners. Only a small percentage do I never hear back from. Maybe that’s just me. They’re usually pretty descriptive in their message about what they’re looking for, then just share their link as an extra “feel free to visit our site to learn more about our company…”. If it was just a barebones message that said “Hey, click this,”, I’d say no.