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Messages vanishing


I have had at least 4 messages/replies disappear after I sent them… they seemed to work, I could see them on the html page after I posted them, but when I returned later they were missing. I was able to confirm in the other day when a seller asked me a time-sensitive question and I popped back to check for a response, and MY response was missing, then when I posted a second response apologizing for the delay, that went missing too. My third reply (with an apology) was hours after the original question… and while it is still visible to me, it was far too late

Very frustrating. I have no confidence in the message system at all now. Am I missing important messages from sellers? Note, the missing messages are on orders I have placed, where communication is critically important.

I can see that this has been an issue on fiverr for years (going by these forums), but at least it seems fairly rare.

If anyone has any suggestions or hints, I welcome them! Support, so far, has not been particularly helpful (they seem to misunderstand the issue).


Just refresh the app or browser whenever you have a conversation with some client to make sure all the messages are there in the chat history.


Thanks, that is really good advice.


You could try clearing your cache or using a different browser if that appears to be the issue.


I thought I would post an update. Support looked into my issue and it appears to have been solved… my messages are working again, and I was able to get my last order completed.


It happened to me yesterday as well. Luckily I logged in at a time when the bug was almost fixed because after few minutes, the messages reappeared. I too got a message from a buyer and thought I missed him but I was able to reply and send a custom offer to him.