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Messages with no ordering cause dropp in sales?

I`m reading this forum for a while and I noticed something. And the same thing is happening to me right now.

My sales were good. And then, many new buyers message me about some things but none ordered. After that my sales completely dropped. Now I have no sales for a week and no messages for 3 days!

Is it possible that messaging with no ordering is the cause of the drop and silence?

Do you have similar experience? And, equal important, does someone have the opposite experience - that they had the similar situation but it didn`t cause drop?

Thanks for your opinions! :slight_smile:

I do not believe this is true.

I have had similar situation and it did not cause a drop. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, Vickie, thank you for answering. :slight_smile:

Do you remember when you have had that situation? (which year) Maybe something changed in Fiverr politics? Or not :slight_smile:

I read on some topics people commenting they have had such experience, but I don`t remember of which year that topics were.

I joined in July and have never noticed my orders fall off because of messaging.

Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

Messages give the buyer and opportunity to change his mind. That’s why it’s better for them to order and provide instructions.

There is one exception, suppose you have a blog about money, and you want people to pay for you to post their articles on your website. In this case, you might want them to message you first because some articles might be wrong for your website. Some won’t be about money, they might be about things that might damage your blog, or maybe it’s an article that’s too similar to something you published before. In that case, being messaged is better.

But if you’re a logo designer and have no objections about alcohol, X-rated, tobacco, drugs, marihuana, etc, then you want them to order so you can build a queue.

I would rather wake up to 5 orders than 10 messages. I need to make money ASAP. Yesterday I drove for Lyft and made $12 in 55 minutes. I don’t want to do that, it’s not fun, it’s stressful as hell.

Eas that after cutting the cost of gas, maintenance and driving in awkward silence?

I don’t factor that in. The 55 minutes it’s from the time I turn the app on until I’m done. My two passengers were line, which means they pay less, although it was peak time which means I make 10% more (that varies). One had a 5 mile ride to the airport, the other was closer.

I would rather just do Fiverr, but I’m not getting enough sales.

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Actually, i was thinking on something else. You all know that mysterious periods - you have a lots of orders, and then one day all stops. Nothing! You become INVISIBLE on Fiverr!

That just happened to me, and I was thinking what is the secret cause :joy: if there is any… So, I remembered that I had a lot of messages of new buyers which didnt result in ordering (right before this silent period). And I wondered if maybe that changed Fiverrs algorithm or something like that and that caused the silent period. :slight_smile:

Absolutely not true.

I have long chats with a few buyers who are more like friends after years of knowing them on fiverr, and it has zero effect on anything.

I also get dozens of messages every day and only a very few turn into orders.

The drop in sales you are experiencing might be as a result of other factors. I really do not think it is because of several messages without order. Try promoting your gigs

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Thank you all! :slight_smile: