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Messages with txt attachments

I have only recently joined Fiverr and have received two messages through the system. Both consisted of a txt file attachment and a message saying, basically “please view this file”. Naturally, I am suspicious of such things and asked them for further definition. The first one would not give more than the vaguest of answers, instead insisting that I “please open the file”. My question is - are these at all likely to be legit potential customers? Or is it someone trying to either throw spam my way or infect me with a virus? Have other people had this experience? I have not yet even downloaded one of the files to scan it and see if it is infect, as I am too concerned that my virus checker might not catch it if it is dangerous.



This sounds suspicious. What could those text files possibly contain that cannot be said in the chat box?

I have to open text files a lot because I work with translations. However, I have only opened files that came from buyers that ordered the gig first or that I had previously agreed on that I would look at the text and decide if I can work with it.

I’m not saying that it is a virus, but I personally wouldn’t find the courage to open it (I am a bit paranoid about these things anyway.)

Maybe you could scan the file before opening it?

I thought about that, but I don’t trust my virus scanner.

Happened to me too. And the. Txt said “if you want to make more than $100 ■■■■■ me”. Like… Still waiting for my first order. It is so sad