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Messaging all my previous clients for job

Would like to know if it’s acceptable messaging your clients reminding them about your services



No you will have your messaging blocked if you do that.


Sometime ago i did and i didn’t get any warning or my message blocked…
I’m sure the content of the message matters a lot

What do you think?

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Don’t spam people. They’ll come back when they need anything if the service was good.


Thanks Lenasemenkova, you will agree with me that some client actually forget about you until you remind them…

One told me the other time that she has actually been looking for me here on fiverr and couldn’t find me until i messaged her


That could be regarded as spamming, it would mke you look bad.

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No, I don’t agree with you at all, actually. You spamming them won’t make them go “oh right, this guy” and immediately proceed to buy your services.

There is a “buy again” button (I think that’s what it’s called). They have you in their purchases history and will be able to find you if they need you.

I’m just surprised this topic keeps coming up. Did it ever work for anyone as a successful selling strategy? Here, on fiverr? More than once?


When sellers I have bought from do this to me I just block them.
I find it totally rude to be honest.
It is also against the rules of Fiverr.


Thanks for the enlightenment!!!

So you want to know if others find it acceptable.

Then when others give you their opinion you brush it off. It seems (at least to me) that you are just looking for someone to give you the go ahead so you can proceed to do as you please.


Here we go again. We just recently had someone ask the same thing which led to a long argument where people were insisting it was ok to do this. Why even bother to ask, or to give the answer.


You were lucky.

If just one of your previous buyers feels annoyed (or if they’re having a bad day or something) and reports you, you could get your messaging blocked and/or an account warning.


i also did this with one of my clients , and then he gives me 2 works ,

That’s what i’m saying…as long as the massage is not annoying they would always give you a positive feedback

Why did you even start this topic, if you have already decided what’s the answer?


If you read carefully you would see where i specifically said i don’t how the system works now but i have tried it before and didn’t receive a warning or threats from buyers!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Know how**…

Buddy, multiple people have told you the truth… don’t spam people asking – or “reminding” – them to buy from you. You may have been lucky when you claim to have done this in the past, but many other sellers who did the same thing received warnings from Fiverr – some even had their accounts banned or restricted.

Do you really want to risk your 1,000+ review account on spam attempts?

You asked for feedback, and many forum veterans told you NOT to do this. It is wrong, it will get you into trouble, and there is no way we are going to tell you what you want to hear.

Please do not spam other users. If they want to hire you, they will contact you.


No it isn’t. You will get suspended or banned.

If this was allowed people would harass sellers. I would be very annoyed as a buyer if a seller did this to me.

Fiverr messaging is for communication about inquiries and orders. It’s not a sales prospecting and marketing tool.


People really need to read Fiverr Terms of service very well so we can try as much as possible to avoid the avoidable problems on Fiverr.
Yeah, there are non avoidable ones…