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Messaging all my previous clients for job

I believe if you will provide your buyers a remarkable service with quality and good reception then they will surely get back to you either you’ll contact them or not!
I have a client who not only came back new projects but he told me he has recommended me to others in his field because of the quality I am delivering. I dont mean to brag here because I am also just a seller like you but what I want to convey is that you need to deliver your clients with dedication so they don’t go to anyone else after the order.

Also I don’t think staying in contact with your buyer after the project is a wrong move but I guess asking for another project is pretty lame and annoying!!!


Even outside of Fiverr, it can be annoying. I know that it’s a common advice for vendors to reach out to their previous customers, but I hate it when they do that, and I’m not the only one who feels that way.

On Fiverr, though, it’s not just annoying to buyers, it’s can get your messaging disabled or your account banned, too. Sellers aren’t supposed to send any messages to buyers unless they’re responding to something buyer asked them.

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Yes! I have done before and one of my client blocked me. So, get spam notification from fiverr. don’t use the method.

So i do message my old buyers, but not to ask to buy again rather i ask them their experience with the product i made for them…

Many are friendly and remember to purchase…
But outrightly messaging them to buy from you again could be seen as spamming

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if they really need you then they will find you definitely for their job. if you are on vacation they will wait for you, if you get sick they will wait for you if they are not in hurry. If they are in hurry and you are not available then they will ask you to suggest a new seller for them, most of the buyers i found here polite and professional (a little experience i have).
messaging to old buyers for new job a wrong way to grow virtual business.


Hi! I don’t think it’s appropriate to send unsolicited messages. In the past, I would send a courtesy message a few days after a delivery, especially websites, to make sure everything is working smoothly, but never to remind them of my services.


Don’t think about that. It’s clearly a spam.

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Your buyer got an A on it?


Your client said, “Yes, I loved it. I got an A on it.” :scream: That implies you did homework for someone! Fiverr TOS says:

Third party TOS violation - By taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) you are actively taking part in a violation of the integrity code of most, if not all, schools and academic institutions. This behavior can lead to the suspension or expulsion of students. Fiverr does not allow taking part in such fraudulent activities.


Then go ahead and continue what you’re doing. Let us know when you receive a warning or got your account banned. :sweat_smile:


“Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them with offers, questions, suggestions or anything which is not directly related to their Gigs or orders.”

The above is listed under violations (spamming) in the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


Buyer didn’t mention it was an academic work…

I see you have done 3 orders for this buyer. :zipper_mouth_face:

If I were you I would not do any more before you ask them if it is for academic work. If they say it is quote TOS, and do not work for them again. :wink:


Alrigh,t thanks for this advice.

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It depends on the person. Personally, If I (as a buyer) received that kind of message, I would probably block the seller. It’s spam.


I am a buyer and a seller on Fiverr. :slightly_smiling_face:

If a former seller that I had made a purchase from contacted me uninvited, I would more than likely mark their message as spam and block them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Unless the seller was a friend, I consider it an invasion of my privacy! :angry:


It shows the seller has no idea how to conduct themselves as a professional.

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Absolutely no. It´s against Fiverr´s ToS.


Might want to read about this sellers circumstance. 01%20AM


Notice in that warning message:


So now people can start insisting that it’s not spamming.
Been here done this before.