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Messaging and Custom Offers

This is probably a ridiculous question, but how in the world do I initiate a message conversation? I’ve been here for a while and never had to do it until today. A client asked me to send her a custom offer on her second account. I don’t see a way to send unsolicited offers, or even how to send a message.

Be careful doing such things – sending offers without previous conversation can be viewed as soliciting and is thus is against the TOS and can get you banned. Plus, having more than one Fiverr account is also against the TOS so your buyer could get banned.

That being said, you can search for the user in the Fiverr task bar and then on their profile click “contact.”

Or ask them to find you on their second profile. That’s the safest option because you aren’t in the wrong.

Thank you! I had her find me on her second profile.

Multiple profiles are against TOS, though…