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Messaging buyers for work


I want to know Is messaging buyers for more work, good or I shouldn’t do this ?


In general, messaging Buyers for more work can be considered spam, depending on how you do it.

Good luck,


You shouldn’t do that. It’s spamming, and you could get your messaging disabled if you do that.


What if buyers are happy with my work.


If you’re buyers are happy, that’s wonderful, but they still won’t want to receive spam emails from you - please don’t do it.


Will fiverr block my messages ?


If the message recipients are unhappy, they’ll block and report you, and yes, Fiverr may block your messaging abilities or worse.


How long do fiverr block messages and will that happen after 2-3 reports ?


It’s not an idea at all. It’s called spam, it’s rude, no one anywhere in the world likes it, and it is about as effective from a marketing standpoint as setting fire to yourself.


I don’t know because I’ve never tried it, and hope you won’t either.


Thank you everyone for all your advice.


For as long as they see fit, and they might ban you, too, if you keep spamming people.


Thank you for the help.


Don’t do that. If your buyers are happy with your work, they will definitely come back you!


Dear pkansal,

Fiverr provides you the option to contact Buyers through send quotes.

So, in order to have a Buyers attention start working on sending relevant quotes to the buyers, and I hope soon you would have an increase in your sales.

Once you get attention of the buyer and deliver him a quality work, you surely can have a returning customer.

Good luck!


can you explain please? how can i send quotes to buyers?


If a buyer is impressed with your previous delivery, expect that he/she will return for more. It’s best to not be pushy. I learnt that on the forum, and it has worked for me. A lot!


I did this back in 2010 because I was young and selfish, immature and all that: I messaged some of my existing buyers about a new offer/upgrade I had, and I had my account suspended :scream:

So please don’t do this, it can have a negative impact on your profile, account and even on your own sanity - I’ve been there, it’s not pretty!

And doing that repeatedly will certainly get your account suspended…


If the buyers get annoyed, they’ll report you….And boom…Who knows what Fiverr may do next?

Stay safe at all times!


Yeah! :slight_smile: