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Messaging disabled! One or more of your messages....GRRRR

I’m so freaking tired of random jerks on Fiverr. I literally just came off a three-day vacation so I haven’t talked to anyone. I’ve only responded with inquiries about my service today, none of which were the slightest bit aggressive or passive aggressive. About as vanilla copy/paste (literally) as you can get.

Banned from sending messages until Customer Service, who takes days to respond, unlocks my chat system. $52,000 this year on Fiverr and this is still crap I’m dealing with…classic.

This is new to me. Are you saying that Fiverr turn your chat/messaging off?


Was it a customer complaint?

Never heard this before.

I’m unable to use my inbox or send messages on orders because someone reported me for “spam messages” even though I was vacationing until today. So, in essence, someone who asked me for a quote, didn’t like my quote, even though it’s about as benign a piece of communication in the world, and got me blocked from helping customers until Fiverr lifts the block.

HOw many inquiries exactly did you respond to today? And are you saying that you offered custom quotes to all of them? Or were some of them just general info type of replies to questions about your gig?

This is crazy. A little common sense needs to be injected in the Customer Support system. It is so easy for buyers to get sellers banned or cause them problems that it is scary. Why customer service just takes a buyers word for it, is beyond me. CS acts as if buyers are more reputable then sellers so their word matters more.

Reply to @sincere18: I get 40-60 messages every single day. So I respond to all of them. No, I don’t offer custom quotes, I just give them a quote about how much a job will be. Apparently (I just found this out), it’s considered spam by answering people with questions. That’s not a joke, a customer service rep just said because I have so many questions asked of me, responding to so many people is spam.

So I get dinged for not answering, or I get blocked for answering. Fiverr…LOL.

Reply to @levinewman: Wow, that is a lot. Are you saying that you wrote back to 120 people because you were off for 3 days?

Have you asked Fiverr flat out, if they have any ideas for a solution for top sellers on how to handle responding to that many inquires in a timely manner?

I would be curious to know what they say about it.

Reply to @sincere18: I’m not even a top seller, I’m just lucky enough to make a lot of money and have a lot of great clients. I wrote about 90 people since yesterday, yeah. Yesterday was the first day back and technically I was down today for the most part, but got blocked from chatting somehow. Literally the only responses I had were, “This is what I do, this is how much it would cost you.” I mean, basic as basic can be.

Reply to @levinewman: Ok, I can see how 90 emails is kind of a lot that might trigger the system in general.

And I meant top seller I thought you mentioned somewhere that you make $50+ or something and that your average is 40-60 messages per day…maybe ask Fiverr to look at your history to see how active a seller you are an how many messages you normally get on a daily basis.