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Messaging Disabled

I contacted some sellers because I have a special requirement. I messaged them my requirement but now I am not able to read their answers because Fiverr has disabled my message option, it says the following:

“Messaging Disabled! One or more of your messages was reported as inappropriate or spam. Please contact Fiverr support to resolve this issue”

Reply to @seatbelt99: If it was a mistake they probably will like your case, they probably will… but if he was actually spamming, they may not. So, it depends.

You should do exactly as the message has instructed you to do.

Contact customer support (<- click the link) to resolve the issue.

That happened to me once because I contacted a bunch of people from the ‘buyer requests’ list and apparently that triggered some sort of spam thing.

Contact customer support and they will have you unlocked in about 10 minutes, or at least they did for me.

same thing happened to me, help me support team!

Please help me too!!!

Same with me, i have left a request for the support team, i hope they get back to me as soon as possible. Has any one else gotten the problem resolved? If so, ho long did it take

When you send a ton of messages, especially quickly within seconds of each other, or when you copy & paste the same message to a ton of people, you may get flagged either by Fiverr’s automated spam system, or by multiple sellers who click on “report”. People can usually tell if you just copied & pasted a message to them. People like a more personable approach.

Hiuh good to know! :slight_smile: I was about to make a template text to use for requests. Im choosing the personal aproach from now on. Cheers

I contacted to buyers and sellers and messaged them my gig.

but now I am not able to read their answers because Fiverr has disabled my message option, it says the following:

“Messaging Disabled! One or more of your messages was reported as inappropriate or spam. Please contact Fiverr support to resolve this issue”.


actually I don´t understand, resp. agree.

– this is a platform for getting some jobs done, checking on offers. very often there are many offers on the same (kind of) gig on Fiverr. which is actually a good thing.

why shouldn´t it be possible to send anything like a dozen of contact-mails w/o writing them up individually??

this especially doesn´t make sense if you look for something that is hard to get, and where you have to do a lot of research/requesting to find the right person.

I think any kind of disabling of accounts based on the fact that you send 6 identical requests (formulated very kind and appropriate nevertheless) is just totally inappropriate and self-defeating for a bartering platform like Fiverr. it actually hurts sellers and buyers, who are reliant on effective communication. after all “gigs” in the very concept are a lot about efficient systematics…

annoyed about an automated but totally inappropriate muting,


hey kjblynx,

thanks for reacting. but I think quite the opposite. Fiverr is not Facebook or a dating site. it uses the (rregistered) categories “buyer”, “seller” and “gigs”. while I am a fan of individualized communication where it makes sense, I don´t see that sense/need/benefit in the initial request for a specific offer for a searched-for task. (after that ‘individual’ communication makes sense.)

… otherwise I wonder: where does your understanding of Fiverr come from. is this the official self-description of this buyer-seller-platform?

so here is what I – with my reading of the nature of Fiverr – proposed to product-team:

"I would suggest a thinking along those lines to the product team:

i.e. to change the spam-filter in accordance with the following thoughts:

bussiness communication/matching, as at the core of Fiverr, often relies on effective communication; that is finding out the one offer in some dozens of gigs, needs some standardized communication to be (cost-)effective (on the side of the potential buyer). individual communication, unlike on personal/social communication platforms only really sets in, once a communication started.

– therefore the equation ‘repeated/standardized formulations’ (CnP) equals spam doesn´t automatically benefit the scenario of Fiverr (nor any participant).

– still there is need to protect Fiverr against real spamming – without alienating customers that are actually bringing a lot of turnover (money) to Fiverr, and that naturally rely on the possibility for effective communication

solutions could work on the following (alternative) lines:

– let Fiverr (the system) assume that customers, who have done x-amount of deals with no problem involved don´t suddenly turn into spammers. there should be a trust-credit for accomplished customers, that prevents the system from immediate, automatic and uncontrolled blocking

– set up a way of verification, whenever a customer is about to send a lot of similar requests, so that the process itself is verified/trustable, and in the follow-up similarity of text doesn´t wrongly get equalled with 'spam’

best regards!


best to all!

ps @kjblynx

  1. the question about where the real intention of Fiverr is to be found (beyond different individual takes) is a serious one; before contacting Fiverr on this I looked for a self-characterization, but only found hints on the trademarking of certain terms. besides that it is obvious to me that everything here is about money in buying-selling-deals; that includes the money that Fiverr deducts – as they regularly point users to (asking them not to sidestep the system, and actually not resort to real individual communication) – … in very automated messages (that I personally would also consider *spam; but that´s another deal…)

  2. also I totally accept that different sellers and users here prefer different kind of approaches. some (creative) deals might rather invite personal communication; other obviously instrumental and technical deals (like finding that one jquery-gig that fits the needs) are becoming ineffective if people are forced to write personal communication around it each time anew (a demand of ‘personalizing’ that given the circumstance would not be serious in intention anyways).

    … so I respect your take/reading/approach here; but I would question this the one prescription that fits all cases, … or even the nature/intention of Fiverr overall.

    best + respectfully



I got a notification today that “Messaging Disabled! One or more of your messages was reported as inappropriate or spam. Please contact Fiverr support to resolve this issue”.

May I know if this has happened with someone else and were you able to resolve the issue ?


Hope this solves for me!