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Messaging disabled

I contacted a lot of sellers about my projects years ago and then my account ended up like this. I’m going to sell some service now and how can i enable my message again

Your were spamming the system and you probably got blocked. You need to contact CS and see if they can help you.

Im sorry but if you go round sending spammy messages you probably shouldn’t be allowed to message people again.

You need to contact @support and request that you get a fresh start, otherwise they have the right to deny any request.

You and the person who did the exact same thing and posted it the previous day to this one are spamming people and got your messages blocked.

I’m sorry to see everyone is reprimanding you, because I get that message one and a while as well even though I never message buyers first. Support has always told me it was a mistake, but most recently, the agent suggested that maybe I replied to too many messages in too short of a time. The system is really buggy and if you haven’t sent spammy messages for a long time now, I don’t think that set it off. Message customer support and they should be able to wipe your account clean if you didn’t do anything bad. This time around, only use your messaging system to contact buyers and people who contact you first. Don’t go looking around for buyers here on other peoples gigs or anything like that!