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Messaging disabled!

"Messaging disabled! One or more of your messages was reported as inappropriate or spam. Please contact Fiverr support to resolve this issue."

I’m getting this message.

I have not spammed anyone or sent any inappropriate message.

Please check and fix it as soon as possible as there are pending orders and replies I have to complete.

I’ve contacted Fiverr Support but didn’t got any reply and it’s been 7 hours. My orders are now in Late status and I am not able to do anything.

Can anyone help?!

Unfortunately noone can help you with this, as we are all sellers just like you.

Sometimes Customer Support can answer up to 48 hours later, so hold on.

Don’t create other tickets, as they won’t be answered.

Have you tried to communicate through the order page while waiting? I think that typically spam reports only affect your inbox, not the order page for open orders. I could be wrong but I would try it. Even if you can’t do that, you can probably deliver attachments. Be careful not to span anyone after you get it fixed. Good luck.

It is due to these and other anomalies and seller-unfriendly behavior, that i am planning to leave fiverr soon and for good.

My experience here has been frustrating and i do not like the rules they have imposed on users. The site needs a far better structural overhaul and more professional and relaxed seller-friendly rules in order to make this a truly viable realtime unchained bartering platform

With the rules and site structure here, i feel like trading in Europe in Dark Ages

The more i read about frustrated users on forum and then face the same pathetic issues myself, i feel discontented to use this platform altogether.

Just Contact Customer Support , They will help you :slight_smile:

fiverr has rules and site structure here, Contact costomer support

Reply to @faridjilani: Honestly, I am not sure this is the best venue for you. It is necessary for any e-commerce site to have regulations and one thing I can say about Fiverr is that their rules are actually spelled out well. Between the ToS and the forum Do’s and Dont’s they didn’t miss much. I think Fiverr has some problems and they’ve had a high number of them in the past few days during updates. They could have done a better job notifying users prior to the outages. It seems like most of what you are complaining about here, though, is rules, feeling “chained,” having messages disabled over spam, etc.

You have made an incredible number of advertising posts in addition to a few threads started by other users that you’ve basically hi-jacked with comment after comment about yourself and your feelings. Given that, you may have been warned about breaking the rules on the forums, via messages, or both.

If you decide to stay, you definitely have potential to make good money here based on your sales so far. You might have to modify some of your habits to do well on this site, though. The spam issue is a big one. You’ve posted a lot in the correct category, My Fiverr Gigs, but the sheer numbers surpass the norm. If you are advertising through messages and buyer requests in similar numbers, it’s going to hurt your chances.