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Messaging info but not ordering?

Soo… I’ve read a bit about people receiving orders with no info… well… I have the complete opposite!

I’ll tell you, this is my first order so I don’t really know how to proceed… this is the situation:
I’ve been receiving messages from this person with more and more info about one of my gigs and he sent me everything I need to start doing my job, the thing is, I did not receive an order from them yet.

What should I do? Should I “create an offer” ? They first came to me regarding a specific offer, I think that’s clear enough… I just didn’t receive the order yet. It’s like I should work for free, soo… nope.

Any suggestions?

Not necessarily. The buyer might be new to Fiverr and have no idea how things work here. Or not be new to Fiverr, but still have no idea how things work here (it happens).

You can politely tell them your terms (the price, the delivery time, the number of revisions included, what you will deliver, you can also check whether they have any additional instructions or info to send), and ask them if they prefer to place the order directly, or would like you to send them a custom offer.


Your buyer should know to put the requirements in the actual order requirements form. Sounds like it could be a scam.

In any case, there are major red flags that this buyer would be a nightmare to work with, even if it isn’t a scam.

Why would you create a custom offer if they wanted one of your existing packages? That’s basically pressuring the buyer and it wouldn’t ameliorate the reasons they haven’t ordered from you (not ready, scam, incompetent, etc.).

It’s a marketplace and it’s pretty clear what people need to do to order. Unless your buyer is totally incompetent, in which case you wouldn’t want to work with them. I would say “Feel free to order when you’re ready” and then move on. If they order, fine, if they don’t, oh well.


Send a custom offer with the discussed details and a message saying something like - “To get started on this order, please accept this custom offer for the work as discussed:…”

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Hi Human!

Not necessarily, and it’s not always the case.

I have a regular buyer that never, ever, orders directly, even when he can. And may I say, he’s one of the most polite and kind buyers you can find on Fiverr, and wonderful to work with.

He always messages me, even when I’m sleeping, attaching his file(s) and keeping awake waiting for my response. Only after I have sent him the offer, is that he places his order.

Yes, many of the orders we discuss could have been placed without previous contact, but I think he prefers first getting in touch with me as a courtesy towards me.


I’ve encountered buyers who find it difficult to use Fiverr, it confuses them, but they were really nice, grateful for help, and were no trouble at all.


I am a new seller and I daily read some posts. Seriously I really like the way you communicate or give directions to people. It is very appreciative.
I hope that you will guide me also if I post something.


Thanks, Maita.

I’ve had that, too. The reason I’m thinking that isn’t happening here is because it sounds like the buyer is stringing her along. He has sent along his requirements to her without making an order and doing it there. He’s sent them before ordering and then didn’t order.

The whole thing feels really fishy to me.



Thanks! That’s nice.



Who knows… :thinking: But the only way to find out would be @adele_t sending him a proper offer, now that she has all the info she needs to get started.

If he’s really trying to get free work, she won’t hear again from him. :wink:

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Thank you all very much! :smile:

I’ve messaged him as you all suggested to let him know that as soon as he places the order, I’ll start.

I’ll let you know if he actually places the order!


Update: The guy did place the order :v:


Hey, Adele. Great update!!! :smiley:

I’m glad for you!!! :slightly_smiling_face: :wink:

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