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Messaging issue again!

I am facing problem while sending/receiving messages to clients again… again???. Anybody else facing the same issue?


Hey, same issue here :frowning: Bug on messages, and deliveries not showing even tho it says delivered, again…

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Yes system down for me too, tried app and web

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Yes im having th same issue

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Meeeeh, Fiverr what is wrong with you!

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They know its a issue, you guys just text them without a reason.

I’m having the same problem :worried: :worried: :worried:

They are upgrading website, system and rest of it including gig stats. They know, u are probably one of thousands who send them this bug issues! You just make life harder.

Same here. Can’t reply to messages…

I have two unread messages, I replied to them both and they’re still marked as unread and my replies are nowhere to be seen, I don’t even know if they reached the buyers! Ugh

Me too, messages are deleting themselves, mixing, non responsive. :expressionless:

Sure, but remember if u would be in CS place, when people like you 3000 times send u same stuff?

Would like when u get same message 3000x in your sellers profile ?

Sure it has a problem, i have deliver the order but still not show the deliver files. lets wait for 10 to 20 minutes, it will be show up…

my inbox is not working

panic start now

WHY dont you read and understand the messages from last week stating the system is undergoing mayor fixes… Why why why???

Same, will probably lose a potential order…

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Me too, I just delivered final sample and buyer agreed on offer so that is a bust.

Dealing with a new customer, messaging system is down!