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Messaging NOT working

hi all… Im not sure but is it just me facing this issue or what? Im unable to message users prior to ordering a Gig… what could be the problem? thanx

Hi icanspeak,

As I know, there’s a ‘Contact me’ button on every seller’s profile. Just go to their profile and contact them.

A slow internet connection can also be a problem. In that case, try reloading the page again and again.

You can also try to delete your cookies (only if you’re using a browser on a PC or Mac).

P.S. These are just assumptions. Let me know if any of these work!

Thank you, :slight_smile:

Fiverr also filters the messages automatically, looking for potential problem words. Make sure if you see a red notice under your message as you’re typing, rewrite it until it goes away.

The messaging has been acting up for me too, so it may be a site issue.

Just FYI, reloading multiple times on new browsers doesn’t really do anything. It reloads from the files your computer already has, and doesn’t resubmit queries to the website, unless you specifically tell the browser to.

I personally delete everything but the history, shut the browser down, and then reopen it.

And you can delete the temp files/cookies/cache on Android too, it just doesn’t like it very much.

thanks for the help but I tried all of these solutions prior to posting and strangely none is working… I just tried using a different browser “FireFox” and still no option showing the message box

Sorry, I took too long to reply. I wasn’t sure how to check if I get replies on comments.

Hope your problem has been solved by now.

Jolly good. :slight_smile:

We were concerned about an IM page. So I thought browsers would be smart enough to check for new messages. If that happens like you said, IMs are just impossible.

Of course, you can delete temp files, cookies, and cache on Android too. But that will delete only your information from the device while we’re concerned about functionality. So that’s just a waste of time, I guess.

Again, I’m no expert; pardon!

Jolly good. :slight_smile: