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Messaging On 'Vacation Mode'

I have had 3 different buyers now email me confused because of the vacation mode messaging. I pause my gigs for 2-3 days, almost once a week because my queue goes over 20 and I select ‘overbooked’ as the reason so I can catch up. As a result, my vacation message states that I am , “Overbooked. I am enjoying a vacation and will be back in X days”.

The problem is the buyers find it unbelievable that I am “enjoying a vacation” when I have that many orders in my queue. I have people waiting on their delivery emailing me because, “they haven’t received their order yet so how can I take a vacation?” The buyers are taking that statement too literally and I wish it was not there because the last thing I am doing is “enjoying a vacation”. Emailing them to explain that I am not actually on a vacation is getting tiresome.

If a reason, other than an actual vacation, is selected, there really should be a different, or no message at all. A custom reason would be awesome.

It does not matter what message you put up there. Custom or otherwise. Buyers will always complain if you are on ‘vacation’ or just having the gig paused (I know you are not on a true vacation). I have had buyers complain at me for not accepting their order whilst I am actually away as it is not professional. You will just have to ride it out :frowning: Custom messages will most likely be a feature in the future but I doubt they will do anything.

I just set my first “vacation mode” a few days ago after I became overbooked as well. I checked the “overbooked” reason and later visited by profile logged out to see “I’m enjoying a vacation…” seriously wanted to pull my hair out! Why on earth would Fiverr had it say “enjoying a vacation” when I specifically choose the reason of why Gigs are suspended because I’m overbooked? It totally gives buyers the wrong impression!

I updated my profile to provide the real details and I’d recommend this to you as well. Maybe contact the editors and let them know your qualms, I know I will! Good luck girl, and congrats on being so busy. :slight_smile:

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