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Messaging Option Is Not Working In Latest iOS Fiverr App Update


Hello Everyone,

I am going through not a very good experience of fiverr iOS app latest update. After updating the app today, messaging option is not working. It seems there is no option to click. The keyboard is not popping up to type. It just looks like freezing.

Everything else is fine. I can type reply and message in the notification area on the app. Even can send custom offer in the inbox. Only messaging is disabled. Anyone else here facing the same issue? Please suggest me your best to get rid of this.

Note: I have reinstalled the app few times. And my phone firmware is updated to the latest iOS version too. Also rebooted my phone several times. Nothing seems working.



Yep, I’m having the exact same issue. VERY frustrating. I hope they get this fixed soon.


the same has happen to me, i just remove and reinstall the app and everything its ok now
try it :wink: