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Messaging system bug

Hi! Am i the only one experiencing troubles with receiving messages on Fiverr?
Can someone please try messaging me to see if it will work or not. Thanks


sorry i did not understand what you want to say. if you dont mind please tell in detail that what difficulty you are facing so that people can suggest how to settle the issue. thanks

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everyone is facing different type of difficulties
its better to discuss and solve the issues. good people help each other to solve their problems.
wish u good luck

Yes. I see FIVERR message system delays with individuals whom , I never had message delays prior. Randomly.
Not much of a concern.

One message problem that does concern me - is one individual prefers to message on the ORDER screen message system where I see terrible delays. With other individuals - When I am using the INBOX message system, I never see any problems.

You may have different names for the two different message systems. Correct me , if required.