Messaging system is still unreliable


Hi, all.

The messaging system still has some problems, in case you were unaware of them.

On Thursday, I sent a message to a seller, because her gig indicates she wishes to be contacted before an order is placed.

No answer on Friday. No problem – maybe she’s busy.
No answer over the weekend. Again, no problem – perhaps she doesn’t work weekends.

I checked this morning, and my message isn’t even in my message section. So, we can be reasonably sure it never reached hers.

There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to which messages get through and which don’t. If you’re expecting a reply from someone, and it’s been a strangely long time, you might want to follow up with another note. That someone may not have received your earlier note… or s/he may have sent a reply that you didn’t receive.


Agree! I have a client whose messages did not come through as well. Thankfully she did follow up with me. Sometimes messages do not show up in my inbox until hours later, or I don’t even get a notification. I hope Fiverr is aware of this issue and will fix it soon.


Gosh, that would be sad for both buyers and sellers. Buyers wasting their time and sellers probably losing a potential sale. I hope they tidy things up and fix more bugs as 2016 is coming.


Something similar happened to me (I got the message hours or even a day after the buyer sent it), but only when the buyers used words like “email”, “Skype”, “pay”, “PayPal”… Something that indicated they wanted personal contact information for communication outside of Fiverr.