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Messed up Ranks (HIGH RATING TAB)


I after fiverr down for maintenance by february 22th, I saw that the HIGH RATING tab from shop got messed up.

I’ll be fast:

Before this maintenance: when someone clicked on the HIGH RATING tab, the gigs were sorted by the HIGHEST to LOWEST rating ----> Obvious, right?

After this maintenance: now the top 3 gig showed in the HIGH RATING tab are randoms gigs, and the rest is the normal sort (highest to lowest).

Everybody knows that the first row (in the gigs list) is the one that sell most. Shouldn’t be there the top rated GIGs (like the TAB name says) instead random gigs???

–The answer for the fiverr team support: that this change was made to give everybody a chance! SO WHY DOES EXIST RECOMMENDED TAB?

PS: I saw a 100% rated over 2k+ sales (top rated and featured seller) under a 95% rated 15 sales (level 1) at the HIGH RATING tab.

The mean of high rating sort is giving a chance to everybody or sort the best ones? Why recommended tab then?


Reply to @kjblynx: I may expressed myself wrong my friend. I know it’s based more in the performance than the rating, however, it was folowing a constant, the entire list. Now the top 3 Gigs (first row) are floating, changing every hour, and some of them are low rated gigs. It makes no sense doing it.

If you observe, the recommended tab is folowing a constant, while the high rating is changing all the time.


Reply to @xuntes:

My guess is that that fluctuating top row is intended. I’ve witnessed this myself. I’m guessing that this is Fiverr’s way of giving a little more rotational exposure to qualifying gigs in each category, while still retaining their regular ranking gigs (just below that top row).


i stop worrying about rankings a long time ago, or you will go crazy. eventually the system will lower your rankings. If you look at the rankings in different computers they will show different results. Just concentrate on over delivering and your customers will follow you.


Reply to @jonbaas: I understand and Agree with you. What I dont understand is why they dont make Recommended tab rotational like high rating tab if they want expose more.