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Messgage before order


Hello buyers,

Do you want to order something in fiverr…?

please message him/her before ordering a gig.



I posted questions to 5 sellers before buying, waited at least 3 days and not one seller responded.


@coffsharbour: Not sure what you’re wanting, but I usually respond within hours. If my gigs look right for you then I’d be happy to answer questions :slight_smile:


As being a seller, i reply to every message i received. Regardless if the buyer is going to buy or not. So it is best to send a message to seller if his/her GIG is not clear. Or its mentioned in GIG to contact first.


It was too long. And only a professional seller who does not need a message


I’m new at this. Should I wait until my designer tells me how many gigs my design project will cost before I put money on the account?


Reply to @rosseoles: I need some Buyer of graphic side. I want to walk all time can you please help me?


Reply to @fernc415: Sellers that take this serious, which are normally the ones you want to work with anyway, will respond to your message pretty quickly so I think its a good idea to message them first. This will give you your first indication about working with them :slight_smile: