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Met all requirements but still my gig is not promoted


I am a level 2 seller, have 30 positive reviews on my gig, My rating is 5 and I meet all other requirements too.
But my gig is still not appearing in Promoted Gigs Section.

Is this also happening to anyone else or should I contact CS?



I would go ahead and contact Fiverr CS.

There may be a time limit you have to meet (I’m just guessing).

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Do you mean that you didn’t get an option to pay for “promoted gigs”?
If so then they are slowly rolling it out for some sellers, it’s not available automatically to all level 2 sellers


Exactly. I have 14000+ reviews, and I got this 3 months or 4 months after it first appeared. Then there were level 2 sellers with 100 reviews that got it rigth away. They are slowly releasing this so…


I’ve already got the option and one of my gigs is promoted too, it got promoted option enabled as soon as it got 30+ reviews. However another gig of mine is now eligible but it isn’t appearing in promoted gigs section yet.

Thanks for your response

Thanks everyone.

I’ve got my gig in promoted gigs section and fortunately I was able to promote it.