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Metadata update = gig not showing up?

Hello everyone,
has anyone experienced problem with gig not showing up after metadata update?

Let me get you up to speed. On 02/07/2018 I´ve updated my metadata, filled out everything requested and updated my rather ancient gig info (not updated since my start on 01/2015). I am level 2 seller and have been no.1 in my cathegory for about a year or so, with 500 5* reviews, which makes Fiverr a nice income stream for me.
That being said, I was getting around 200 impressions a day, after the change, I´m consistently getting a 2-3-4 impressions, which is literally a 99% drop in impressions. I´ve got some long term clients, so I have been occupied with other work, but I have noticed that there are no new client´s contacing me, so I did a bit of research today and was not able to find my gig in my cathegory, where I have been TOP result for past 1+ year. I can not find the gig, sent my request to support and I am waiting for the update from CS on what has happened.
Fiverr makes up a large portion of my earnings as a freelancer, so I am obviously loosing potential order from new customers, who might have found me as a top seller in my cathegory (i see other sellers getting new customers and even some of my old customers - based on reviews they are getting).
Did anyone experience the same problem? Did you manage to get back to your position? Did you
get a response from support? Any info anyone?

Hope I get this sorted out asap :confused:

BTW, Here is my gig:



not a bug, feature. I can only think of that as Fiverr does not communicate anything about this in the past 6 months since I am aware of this. Nothing new here:)

So lets call it a “feature”, am I to expect a reply at all? A gig being found? Or loosing a 5* top result gig? That would be pretty much end of my fiverr experience.

Nope not a bug at all :confused:

Better NEVER change anything on your gig if its already have good sales, been on the same position like you, change my “successful” gig, getting good amount order One day update some description, and Bam!, no more new order till now, (already a year and so)

I think we are in a queue in sea of gigs, and once “unlucky” change make our gig getting down to the bottom of sea

good luck

For anyone having the same problem, fortunately enough, the support has managed to resolve the problem and the gig is back where it was, at the top of it´s category. Good job support!