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Methods for improving quality of outcomes?

Hi y’all I’m considering a couple of ways of improving the quality of overall outcomes and wondered whether others had much to say about these and how to executive them practically on Fiverr:

  1. Commission multiple parties in parallel, paid, for the exact same work. Then review the work and select the winner for phase 2. For instance I have a front-end piece I want built that is very important. So I’m ok to get two separate teams to build the first milestone. I know the domain so I can QA it pretty well
  2. As for (1) but hiring QA as a second tier quality wrap. E.g. extracting content from web pages and want good training data, so get 3 separate people to do the same job, then hire a 4th to review the material.

Obviously there’s nothing that I can see that suggests this can’t be done on Fiverr, but what I would love is advice around whether in the end it’s worth it, and/or simple techniques to avoid the same teams bidding for more than one parallel stream.

Thoughts welcome!

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Are you planning on paying for all these ? If so, then there’s no real objection … but it’s likely to turn out expensive for you …


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If I may try to simplify, you’re basically asking if it’s a good idea to pay for small samples from multiple Seller, correct? If so, then yes, and please see the discussions here: Great buyer: Pays $5 for custom sample! Love it! and So You Want to Hire a Writer - Should You ask for Samples?

If that’s not what you’re asking, could you rephrase, please?

As for hiring QA, that sounds reasonable, but this isn’t my area, so I’m not sure.


Some sellers will do mock-ups for free. Some won’t. That usually depends on how intricate the work involved is going to be. Some go the extra mile, as I’ve recently experienced, and do a full-on sketch/mock-up before even letting you order. Whether or not that is a good idea I leave up to you (I wanted to place my order so that they would get paid for the revisions, but they insisted on doing it that way).

1.) You can do that, sure. Pay them for a decent mock-up and then pick the one you prefer. Not unusual.

2.) Front-end developers in my experience don’t do QA, except for the bit where active work is involved. You can always pay for revisions that exceed the stated amount. But it’s not common for a developer to do QA. That’s why QA is even a thing. (QA = Quality Assurance, for those that read this and are unfamiliar with the term.)