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Methods To Stop People From Asking On How To Get Thier First sale On Fiverr Forum

Can the Fiverr forum just pin a Topic made in detail so that people will stop asking on how to get thier first order?

If you would agree or disagree then let us know with the poll below


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The other Idea is to update the existing free course which explains everything in detail and sellers have to go trough the course before setting up their account


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It is getting annoying on the topics on getting your first order, and is extremely repititive.


Thank you for your time
EDIT:- Anyone can get a better catchy name for the post, I am running out of ideas :smile:


Appreciate with that.

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It won’t help. Even when there’s a big huge banner on the top, people don’t read, they just ask the same questions over and over again.

There were some pinned topics in the past, and yet people kept creating their own.


Even with a pined post they will still make a topic :rofl:


“We are working in site improvements. We will be back shortly. Thank you for your patience.”

Hi! I have this banner when I open my Fiverr site on all pages!

What does it mean!

Am I in trouble, is my account banned? Why is this happening?
I tried refreshing and clearing cache?

Any long term Fiverr expireance people can help?


In theory, it’s a nice idea!

The problem is that you would have to pin so many topics that it would then become meaningless.


Great point that you have got there

I guess that is true in a way, maybe the fiverr courses could help. Updating the question. Thanks

honestly would love that because the amount of times I have answered that question today is just funny. I’m fine with people asking how to improve their gig. It is just when people are asking about how to get their first sale and we don’t know anything about what they have tried like:

I got no sales pls help.


And it turns out they set up their gig and expected to get their first order overnight when they have done nothing to help bring in buyers and there is like a not even finished description with a stock image as the images that has nothing to do with what they are selling.

Sorry about the rant


Haha ikr, it gets annoying after a while. Updated the topic. Would love to hear your opinion. Its getting harder to ignore these posts day by day and is better to take some actions

Yea, any ideas you think would work

There’s a better answer.

I think newbies should automatically have to go through a “probationary period” where they are separated from all other Level 1, 2, Top Sellers.

During the probation, newbies can only move on if they:

  • Read the ToS
  • Reach XX amount of minutes of read time on the Forum with specific posts as required reading
  • Make it to the end of the probation period with XX sales
  • Reach the end of the probation period with ZERO ToS violations

Just my two cents.


I would mostly agree, except for the number of required sales. With the number of sellers on here already, it’s pretty difficult to get any sales, especially if you’re new.

This, this is the answer.
It will barely solve anything in my opinion, but still, it’s the answer. We need to bar new users from posting until they forcibly comply to guidelines and gain some experience like on Stack Exchange.


But then there are buyers who come to the forum for help, and they wouldn’t spend days reading, most of them had a trouble with their sellers and need fast support with an advice from the community on how to approach their situation.

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The question is not how to get the first order.

It’s “How do >> I << get the first order?”.
Or “Why am >> I << not getting any order?”

I’ll say… show as many topics as possible on the first page so I won’t have to dig for them. :eyes:

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That is why my recommendation is to have a separate buyer from seller login and conditions to use site and forum.

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Thats a great Idea,
But there may be some cons in the Idea But I approve it.
These posts are more like repetitive questions or posts if not anything

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As long as “gurus” out there preying on the inexpeiernced keep telling them they have to post on the forum a lot to get orders, these types of efforts will have no impact.

I don’t think most sellers who ask these types of questions both to read or truly understand the genuine answers, anyway. Call me cynical.

A basic class with quiz they have to pass before they get to post at all on the forum might work, but that will never happen.


Hahah True,
Most of the Gurus being Newbies to fiverr just rant about all the myths available in the internet.
The Idea you have given is great, maybe fiverr should make them watch a basic course on the rules of the forum before entering.
I wish I could close the posts for repatitive content as the question they have are answered well over a million times in platforms like youtube, reddit, pinintrest and even the fiverr Forum but they are too lazy to do thier own research.