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MH370 Found!

Just kidding. I’d appreciate some feedback on my new gig. What works, what doesn’t? How can I make it better? I’m happy to return the favor by giving feedback on your gig, if you’d like.

I will write 500 engaging words on any topic.

Was the post title funny? I thought it was hilarious.

This should probably go in My Fiverr Gigs. Edit: After looking up MH370 I am not really amused by a reminder of a tragic event. Just not my type of humor.

Ok, thank you. I wasn’t sure if this was the right place to post. I just need some honest feedback on how to improve my gig.

Here’s what you need to do:-

  1. Just kidding.

    This is for making me click on the hope for some good news [-X

Reply to @kay2809: Lol, my apologies. I’ve been following the search very closely, I’ll make it up to you. Sonar mapping of the highest probability search area will be completed in May, this means that the plane will almost certainly be found in the next 2 months, that’s great news.

I’ve got a dark sense of humour, but I found the title distasteful. Maybe not the best place for such jokes…

I was afraid of that, thanks for letting me know.