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MIA Buyer?

I got an order for a gig to design a party invitation front & back and do it in less than 24 hours so the total came out to $15. After many revisions and days spent on the design, the buyer requested a modification and said “we’ve decided to go in another direction. thank you for getting on this so quickly.” I replied moments later saying “that’s no problem, what would you like me to do?” I didn’t get a response after a week passed so I replied again saying “hello again, I’m a little confused. You requested a modification but didn’t tell me what it was you wanted modified, is there something else you’d like me to do for you?” and after 2 weeks, I still haven’t gotten a reply. What do I do? The money won’t be released to me because they requested a modification and because I have no information of what to modify, I have nothing to deliver them. Help?

I would contact support and ask them for guidance. Make sure to provide screen shots of your messages.

Hi @queenbeedigital,

This does sound frustrating!

There are two roads you could take here. If you use @kjblynx’s suggestion, you’d definitely be within your rights, but you would open yourself up to a negative review from the Buyer (who already sounds difficult to communicate with). The other option would be to put in a mutual cancellation request - you’d lose $15, but compared to the time and headaches it might take to deal with potential negative feedback, it might be worth it in the long run.

Let us know how things go.