Micha Kaufman Potrait Painting [ARCHIVED]


Hello everyone,

Here i will give you a potrait of Micha Kaufman…as a fiverr sellers,you must know who is the founder of Fiverr :slight_smile:

I found Micha potrait from google,but its a small size,so i try to paint it, and make more bigger than the original size i found.

If you have a blog or website where you have a content about Fiverr,you can used Micha potrait as image for your site,its better if you have some content for your Fiverr wiki.

Feel free to used :slight_smile:


I saw this on your gig page and I didn’t know it was the founder of FIVERR, I seriosusly thought it was Nascars Jeff Gordon…yeah I am from Tennessee…#facepalm


I’m not see the potrait of Micha,are this has been disable by moderator ?