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Microsoft Adcentre Advertising for my gigs?

Hi, all, l have been considering this recently, especially after the recent issues, and just wondering if anyone has pushed paid advertising towards their gig, or gig Profile page?

I have tried Bing before and it has never converted, but that was for one product, not 17 products of gigs, as l have here, (some are serviced graphic gigs, but most are eBooks, software, etc.

If l got close to 10% conversions then l could make a profit, but that all depends if it actually converted?

Anyone else here tried this, l would really appreciate some feedback as it would save me some time and money messing around setting up a campaign.


PS l live in Au, so l can’t use Yahoo ad, and Google Adwords isn’t viable with all the hoops l would need to jump through, etc.

That’s an interesting idea. What about Facebook ads? Maybe you could create a Facebook page dedicated to your gig, and do newsfeed ads.

Of course, you have a wide variety of gigs, so you’ll have to spend $5 on each one. I wouldn’t spend more than $5 because you want to recoup your investment.

This one

Could be advertised to people with an interest in feng shui. Either way, be careful. Advertising is tricky even when you know what you’re doing.

Ok, thanks!