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Middle men destroying market

Hello community today i found this request and very similar kind of buyer request from same person. Just look at the job title and requirements.
Looking for Database developers, candidates must be very fast and efficient able to code and design in: - PHP/CSS/HTML/HTML5 - ASP.NET/MYSQL/OracleDB - C++/C#/C/C Sharp - Python/RoR - VFX 3D Modeling - Database Programming & Setup - UE - Blender - VS (Visual Studio Enterprise)

Whats happening?


The middleman gets the crap at the end by wasting the potential buyers time.

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Bad thing is that even a blind can spot this is not a legitimate buyer request. But still people respond to them with cheapest rates on the planet


Sellers here even respond to sellers request in buyer request portion i saw 20-25 request sent to those who are asking for work in buyer request portion.

Yes that another kind of cancer spreading at fiverr.

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@sharoonamin @zazi_developer

Yes, the sellers who post in Buyer Requests do get a lot of offers in Buyer Requests. However, they are from other sellers trying to sell to them. So they are all trying to sell to each other. :joy:

Sellers selling in Buyer Requests was making me wonder what all those offers were about, so I did this:


One benefit they will get. Their response rate will never go down… :rofl:


I am out of likes. But that was funny. So here is a :clown_face:

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Hahaha yes. Fortunately he didnt mentioned to be astronaut as well