Might be a chargeback person, need your opinion guys


his name : ****************
link : https://www.fiverr.com/**************#!
from ***** , he joined fiverr May 2018.

I am afraid he might be a charge back as he ordered a 55$ order and delivering tomorrow without messaging me and i sent him a message right way to ask him something he didnt reply

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Maybe he is asleep or not at his desk. Hopefully you can go ahead and do the job and deliver it to him on time. I see no reason to think anything is wrong. I’m not sure why you are worried.

Right now I have three very large orders from people who just joined fiverr, although they did fill in the requirements, but these are much bigger than $55. That is not a big amount of money for most to spend on fiverr. I don’t get orders that small.


i already started working on it, but i am not worried about the money although 55$ is a month salary here in my country, but what worried me that if he is a one he might order another orders at the same time from anyone else with bigger budgets.

sorry for annoying and accept my apology.


It’s not annoying at all! You are allowed to ask any question you want. I doubt it is going to be a chargeback as they are not common. Just do exactly what you said you would do in your gig description and deliver on time.